Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty Areas of Thesis Guidance


Gregory P. Carman, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech, 1991)

Electromagnetoelasticity models and characterization, thin film shape memory, nanoscale multiferroics, magnetoelastics and piezoelectric materials

Jane P. Chang, Ph.D. (MIT, 1998)

Materials processing, gas-phase and surface reaction, plasma enhanced chemistries, atomic layer deposition, chemical microelectromechanical systems, and computational surface chemistry

Yong Chen, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, 1996)

Nanoscale science and engineering, micro- and nano-fabrication, self-assembly phenomena, microscale and nanoscale electronic, mechanical, optical, biological, and sensing devices, circuits and systems

Bruce S. Dunn, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1974)

Synthesis and characterization of electromechanical materials, energy storage, sol-gel materials and chemistry

Nasr M. Ghoniem, Ph.D. (U. Wisconsin, 1977)

Mechanical behavior of high-temperature materials, radiation interaction with material (e.g., laser, ions, plasma, electrons, and neutrons), material processing by plasma and beam sources, physics and mechanics of material defects, fusion energy

Mark S. Goorsky, Ph.D. (MIT, 1989)

Electronic materials processing, strain relaxation in epitaxial semiconductors and device structures, high-resolution X-ray diffraction of semiconductors, ceramics, and high-strength alloys

Vijay Gupta, Ph.D. (MIT, 1989)

Experimental mechanics, fracture of engineering solids, mechanics of thin film and interfaces, failure mechanisms and characterization of composite materials, ice mechanics

Yu Huang, Ph.D. (Harvard, 2003)

Nano-material fabrication and development, bio-nano structures

Subramanian S. Iyer, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1981)

System scaling technology, advanced packaging and 3D integration, technologies and techniques for memory subsystem integration and neuromorphic computing

Ioanna Kakoulli, D.Phil. (Oxford, England, 1999)

Chemical and physical properties of non-metallic archaeological materials; alteration processes in archaeological vitreous materials and pigments

Richard B. Kaner, Ph.D. (U. Pennsylvania, 1984)

Synthesis, characterization, and applications of superhard metals, conducting polymers, thermoelectrics and graphene

Suneel Kodambaka, Ph.D. (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2002)

In situ microscopy, surface thermodynamics, kinetics of crystal growth, phase transformations and chemical reactions, thin film physics

Xiaochun Li, Ph.D. (Stanford, 2001)

Scifacturing (science-driven manufacturing), super metals by nanoparticles self-dispersion, scalable nanomanufacturing, smart manufacturing, additive manufacturing

Ali Mosleh, Ph.D., NAE (UCLA, 1981)

Reliability engineering, physics of failure modeling and system life prediction, resilient systems design, prognostics and health monitoring, hybrid systems simulation, theories and techniques for risk and safety analysis

Qibing Pei, Ph.D. (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 1990)

Electroactive polymers through molecular design and nano-engineering for electronic devices and artificial muscles

Gaurav N. Sant, Ph.D. (Purdue, 2009)

Development and design of sustainable low-CO2 footprint materials for infrastructure construction applications

Dwight C. Streit, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1986)

Properties of electronic materials, characterization techniques, correlation of material and device performance

Sarah H. Tolbert, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, 1995)

Self-organized nanostructured materials for energy storage, energy harvesting, nanomagnetics and nanoelectronics

Kang L. Wang, Ph.D. (MIT, 1970)

Nanoscale physics, materials and devices nanoelectronics, magnetics and photonics, nonlinear interactions of correlated devices and nanosystems

Paul S. Weiss, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, 1986)

Atomic-scale surface chemistry and physics, molecular devices, nanolithography, biophysics and neuroscience, nanometer-scale electronics and storage, surface interactions, surface motion, dynamics, and direct mani-pulation, extending capabilities of scanning tunneling microscope, molecular-scale control and measurement of composition and properties in membranes

Benjamin M. Wu, D.D.S. (U. Pacific, 1987), Ph.D. (MIT, 1997)

Processing, characterization, and controlled delivery of biological molecules of bioerodible polymers; design and fabrication of tissue engineering scaffolds and precursor tissue analogs; tissue-material interactions and dental biomaterials

Ya-Hong Xie, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1986)

Physical properties and device application of graphene and other van der Waals materials; semiconductor physics, heterostructures, and devices; epitaxy pf semiconductor thin films; nanofabrication

Jenn-Ming Yang, Ph.D. (U. Delaware, 1986)

Nanomechanical testing, nanostructured materials, ceramic and ceramic matrix composites, hybrid materials and composites, material synthesis and processing

Yang Yang, Ph.D. (U. Massachusetts Lowell, 1992)

Organic and inorganic semiconductor materials and devices with emphasis on solution processes; fundamental understanding of material properties; optoelectronic devices (LEDs, PVs, TFT, sensors)

Professors Emeriti

Alan J. Ardell, Ph.D. (Stanford, 1964)

Irradiation-induced precipitation, high-temperature deformation of solids, electron microscopy, physical metallurgy of aluminum/lithium alloys, precipitation hardening

David L. Douglass, Ph.D. (Ohio State, 1958)

Oxidation and sulfidation kinetics and mechanisms, materials compatibility, defect structures, diffusion

John D. Mackenzie, Ph.D. (Imperial C. London, England, 1954)

Glass science, ceramics, electrical properties of amorphous materials, materials recycling

Kanji Ono, Ph.D. (Northwestern U., 1964)

Mechanical behavior and nondestructive testing of structural materials, acoustic emission, dislocations and strengthening mechanisms, microstructural effects, and ultrasonics

King-Ning Tu, Ph.D. (Harvard, 1968)

Kinetic processes in thin films, metal-silicon interfaces, electromigration, Pb-free interconnects, 3D IC packaging

Associate Professor

Jaime Marian, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, 2002)

Computational materials modeling and simulation in solid mechanics, irradiation damage, plasticity, phase transformations, thermodynamics and kinetics of alloy systems, algorithm and method development for bridging time and length scales and parallel computing applications

Assistant Professors

Amartya Banerjee, Ph.D. (U. Minnesota, 2013)

Computational materials science, first principles methods, discovery and simulation of novel materials, electronic materials, energy materials, multiscale methods and algorithms, merchanics of materials and structures, nu-merical methods and scientific computation

Ximin He, Ph.D. (U. Cambridge, England, 2011)

Biologically inspired materials based on stimuli-responsive polymers and micro-/nano-structure fabrication for applications in biomedicine, environment, and energy

Aaswath P. Raman, Ph.D. (Stanford, 2013)

Metamaterials, optical and photonic materials, nanophotonics, plasmonics, thermal sciences, energy systems, computational methods

Adjunct Associate Professors

Eric P. Bescher, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1987)

Advanced cementitious materials, sol-gel materials, organic/inorganic hybrids

Sergey Prikhodko, Ph.D. (Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics NASU, Ukraine, 1994)

Characterization of materials by means of microscopes and spectroscopes

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Magdalena Balonis-Sant, Ph.D. (U. Aberdeen, Scotland, 2010)

Development of functional materials for extending the service life of concrete infrastructure, design of new cementation agents with reduced CO2 footprint, conservation and protection of cultural heritage

Marta Pozuelo, Ph.D. (Complutense U. Madrid, Spain, 2004)

In situ nanomechanical characterization of metallic materials