Correspondence Directory

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1361

Financial Aid Office, A129J Murphy Hall

Graduate Admissions Office, 1255 Murphy Hall

International Students and Scholars, Office of, 106 Bradley Hall

Community Housing Office, 360 De Neve Drive
UCLA Housing Assignment Office, 360 De Neve Drive

Office of the President, Admissions

Registrar's Office, 1105 Murphy Hall

Summer Sessions, 1147 Murphy Hall

Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools, 1147 Murphy Hall

Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science

Office of Academic and Student Affairs, 6426 Boelter Hall

Bioengineering Department, 7523 Boelter Hall

Biomedical Engineering Interdepartmental Program, 7523 Boelter Hall

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department, 5531 Boelter Hall

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, 5731 Boelter Hall

Computer Science Department, 4732 Boelter Hall

Electrical Engineering Department, 58-121 Engineering IV

Materials Science and Engineering Department, 6532 Boelter Hall

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, 48-121 Engineering IV

Continuing Education in Engineering, 542 UNEX

Engineering and Science Career Services, UCLA Career Center, 501 Westwood Plaza, Strathmore Building

Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science
Academic Counselors

Aerospace Engineering, Lila Ryan, (310) 825-2889,

Bioengineering, John Weitzel, (310) 825-9602,

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Diane Golomb, (310) 825-1704,

Civil Engineering, Chauncey Isom, (310) 206-2891,

Computer Science, Mi Suk Kwon, (310) 825-0968,;
Mary Anne Geber, (310) 825-2036,

Computer Science and Engineering, Mi Suk Kwon, (310) 825-0968,;
Mary Anne Geber, (310) 825-2036,

Electrical Engineering, John Weitzel, (310) 825-9602,;
Mary Anne Geber, (310) 825-2036,

Materials Engineering, Chauncey Isom, (310) 206-2891,

Mechanical Engineering, Lila Ryan, (310) 825-2889,

General Counseling, Jan J. LaBuda (310) 825-2514,

General Counseling, Michel Moraga, (310) 825-5760,