Computer Science Entrepreneur Panel

On April 10th at 4 PM, we will be holding the annual Computer Science Entrepreneur Panel brought to you by the UCLA CS Department Alumni Advisory Board. For anybody excited about doing a startup or getting involved in the entrepreneurial tech world, this is a Must Attend event. We will have a panel of esteemed guests, lots of discussion / Q&A, some drinks and snacks, and most importantly, some opportunities for you to get your startups launched right now. 2012 is becoming the ‘Year of the Accelerator’ in Los Angeles, and it’s a great time to align yourself with representatives from these accelerators – firms that were created for the purpose of getting your startup off the ground more quickly. The event will take place in Boelter 3400 from approximately 4:15 PM through 5:45 PM, and we would appreciate your RSVP if you plan to attend.
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