Commencement Program Listing of Graduate Names

A draft of the 2019-2020 Program will be posted at a later date. Check back and when posted, please review by the deadline for change (TBD).

  • Bachelor of Science -BS (as of TBA)
  • Master of Science -MS (as of TBA)
  • Doctor of Philosophy -PhD (as of TBA)


  1. You are a Fall 2020 Candidate approved to “walk” via Special Request; you will be listed next year.
  2. You missed a crucial step in the degree audit process (undergrads only) OR you are a graduate student that did not provide your information to your student affairs grad department.
  3. You have a privacy restriction which prevents us from listing your name; see below regarding privacy information.


Contact and provide the following:

Subject: Engineering Commencement Program Listing
Degree Type (BS, MS, PhD*):
Term (Spring 2020):
*If PhD, include your dissertation title and advisor

The 2019-2020 Commencement  program will list the names of the following undergraduate and graduate engineering students so long as they do not have any FERPA/privacy restrictions preventing the publication of their name:

  • SUMMER 2019 degrees conferred
  • FALL 2019 degrees conferred
  • WINTER 2020 degrees conferred
  • SPRING 2020 degree candidates*
  • SUMMER 2020 degree candidates**

*SPRING 2020 candidates should have completed the degree audit process if ugrad or notified their graduate department student affairs office in Winter 2020.
**SUMMER 2020 degree candidates must initiate the degree audit process (if ugrad) or notify their graduate department student affairs office no later than Friday, April 19th.

Fall 2020 students are not automatically invited nor are they listed in the 2019-2020  program.
Fall 2020 students who wish to “walk” in the 2020 ceremony should follow the Special Request process.


  • NAME LISTING: We LIST a student’s official name on file with the University Registrar’s Office. Please check your name by TBA to ensure we have the most accurate name listing. If your name has changed or is misspelled, file a name change form at the Registrar’s Office no later than TBA (by end of Winter 2020 quarter) to ensure we get your correct name and updated records on time.
  • FORMAT NAME: If your name listing is correct, but you have a formatting issue, such as “Mcalexander” should be “McAlexander” or “Oleary” should be “O’Leary” then please notify us at with the subject heading: Commencement Program and include your name, 9 digit UCLA UID, degree candidacy term, and your degree type (e.g. BS, MS, PHD).
  • PRIVACY RESTRICTIONS/FERPA: Students with FERPA or Privacy restrctions are not listed in the engineering program. If you want to ensure that your name is listed please review your privacy/ferpa restrictions. Students with these restrictions can update their settings via MyUCLA to remove the OR fill out the engineering Engineering Commencement Release Form_2020 and send the form to by TBA.

Fall 2020 candidates who are approved to participate in the virtail ceremony (see section Who is Eligible?) will NOT be listed in the 2019-2020 program; however, their NAMES WILL BE ANNOUNCED during the ceremony. Fall 2020 degree recipient names will be listed in the following year’s program (unless they have a privacy restriction!).

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