UCLA Samueli Commencement

Commencement Update

Due to UCLA’s transition to remote instruction, we will hold a virtual commencement on June 13 to celebrate the achievements of our graduates, especially their perseverance during their difficult final months at UCLA. We will also hold an on-campus celebration later that will bring our graduates back to their beloved alma mater with their families and friends so that we may honor them in person.

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Message from Jayathi Y. Murthy, Ronald and Valerie Sugar Dean

There are few milestones in life as momentous as a college commencement that celebrates your hard work and achievements. I am well aware of the rigor and diligence required to earn a degree in engineering at UCLA, especially for the graduating class this year. You have endured one of the most unprecedented adversities in our history caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m immensely proud of your resilience, ingenuity, adaptability and compassion.   (READ MORE)

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