Planning Resources for Civil Engineering Majors

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs counselors use the tools provided on this page to aid with planning your time to degree. In order to assist you with planning your Civil Engineering degree, you will need your Degree Audit Report (accessible via MyUCLA), planning worksheet, and course term offerings. In order to use a worksheet, you will need to know your catalog year. You can verify your catalog year by running your Degree Audit Report.

Course Planning Worksheets

When planning your schedule use the worksheets below that correspond with your catalog year. Make special note of curriculum updates using the current year’s term offerings and the Announcement for your catalog year. DO NOT refer to the Registrar’s tentative schedule. 

Use this worksheet if you are following the 2018-2020 catalog requirements for your Civil Engineering degree.

Use this worksheet if you are following the 2016-2018 catalog requirements for your Civil Engineering degree.

Use this worksheet if you are following the 2015-2016 catalog requirements for your Civil Engineering degree.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department has updated curriculum for each catalog year. The documents below have been published as a reference for students to compare catalog changes based catalog year.

Environmental Engineering Minor

The Environmental Engineering minor is designed for students who wish to augment their major program of study with an exposure to engineering methods applied to key environmental problems facing modern society in developed and developing countries. The minor also provides students with a brief experience and understanding of the roles that environmental engineering methods play in solving environmental problems.

Students may apply for the Environmental Engineering minor by filing a Change of Program petition at 6426 Boelter Hall at any time. If you are interested in applying for the minor and 1) have accumulated 150 units or more AND 2) are a student in the College of Letters and Sciences, be sure to meet with a CAC counselor to ensure you will not go over the unit cap. Applications will not be processed without CAC approval.