Academic Updates

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Virtual Support Services

CAPS Engineering Virtual Drop-in

Free, confidential, brief support for students within the School of Engineering will be offered via Zoom
No appointment is necessary and visits are first come, first serve. Speaking to
a counselor in a confidential setting can help you to access support, provide perspective, help you to explore
resources and options, and discuss how counseling might be helpful. 
Topic: Engineering Drop-In Hours
Time: fall, winter and spring terms, Wednesdays 11 am to 1 pm, Thursdays from 2 pm to 4 pm Weeks 5-10

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 975 0774 4878
Passcode: 327050

Students with questions or concerns can call the front desk at 310/825-0768 to schedule time in drop-in slots, or to meet with other available staff for immediate needs.


For International Students –  CAPS has a new service to support the emotional health and wellbeing of our international students, called
My Student Support Program (My SSP)
: If you are feeling overwhelmed with your studies, experiencing uncertainty over recent events, or have something else occupying your thoughts and need to speak with someone, My SSP can help!

RISE Center

  • Resilience is often described as the ability to “bounce back” after adversity…but bouncing back up hasn’t been so easy these days. Sometimes resilience is about battling back –digging in a little deeper to regain our motivation and efficacy. With the right tools, armor, and collective resources, this is surely achievable!  We at the RISE Center are committed to fostering and strengthening community and individual resilience at UCLA. 

Undergraduate Students

PNP Grading Option

Summer 2021
The Undergraduate Council and the Samueli Engineering Faculty Executive Committee extended the deadline for undergraduate students to change the grading basis for
a grading optional (GrdTyp :SO) course, using MyUCLA without a petition, to:

  • Summer 2021 deadlines subject to summer session enrolled as posted at

The Samueli Engineering Faculty Executive Committee has approved the below exception for Summer 2021 to the normal P/NP policy:

P/NP courses for major and minor requirements (for Summer 2021)
For  Summer 2021, an undergraduate engineering student in good standing may enroll in one grading optional (GrdTyp :SO) course (maximum 5 units) on a P/NP basis.  A student who has not elected the P/NP option, if eligible, in the immediate previous term (last regular term enrolled (excludes summer) ) may petition two grading optional courses to be taken P/NP (maximum 10 units).

A grade of P shall be awarded only for work that would otherwise receive a grade of C or better. Courses in which a letter grade is received may NOT be repeated on a P/NP basis. Courses originally taken on a P/NP basis may be repeated on the same basis or for a letter grade.

For engineering undergraduate students, a grade of P will satisfy engineering major and engineering minor requirements for Summer 2021
If you are a student not in a Samueli Engineering major or minor, you need to check with the non-engineering major or minor academic counselor to determine if a grade of P is accepted for that major or minor.

Please note that choosing the pnp grading option might impact your eligibility for deans honors, latin honors or programs where criteria has a minimum graded unit requirement; therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to take that into consideration before selecting the pnp grading option.

For Fall 2021, we expect that normal polices will be in effect as detailed at the OASA Deadlines and Enrollment Policies webpage



Filing Petitions Online
Petitions should be filed online, forms are available on our petitions webpage

Please follow the instructions on the form/s and submit both petition/s & supporting document/s electronically via the Petitions/Exceptions Message Center

Students will be notified of petition results via Message Center.

If you have any further questions, please leave a voicemail at (310) 825-9580, and we will call back in a timely manner to assist you.
Virtual Undergraduate Academic Advising Options


      At present, for the convenience of our students, Samueli Engineering undergraduate counseling sessions with our academic counselors will be virtual or online as follows:
      For Samueli Engineering Students:


      • Online, MyUCLA Message Center
      • Virtual appointments can now be scheduled and will be conducted remotely via Zoom. To schedule an appointment use the online appointment scheduler
        Questions on how to set up and use Zoom refer to Zoom support
      • Virtual ZOOM walk-in advising available, no appointment needed.
        Once students connect using the zoom links below, within the periods specified, the student will be brought in to advising from a virtual waiting room, based on the order the student logs in, major, and counselor availability.  Expect some wait time before your session begins.
        - Wednesday 10:30 am-noon  [Wednesday Zoom walk-in session link]
        -  Thursday 2:30 pm-4:00 pm  [Thursday Zoom walk-in session link]
      • If you prefer a telephone appointment, send your:
        name, UID, your available times,
        note that you request a telephone appointment
        and reason for the appointment
        to our Appointment Message Center
        You will receive a confirmation before your appointment date

        For students in majors NOT in Samueli Engineering:


        If you have any further questions, please leave a voicemail at (310) 825-9580, and we will call back in a timely manner to assist you

Graduate Students (graduate counselor’s contact information – click here)

Grading Option

For  Summer 2021 (subject to summer course offerings) ONLY,
the Graduate Program faculty of each academic department has voted on its graduate student grading policy as follows*:

(*please refer questions to your department graduate student affairs officer)

  • The Bioengineering Engineering Department has voted
    to keep the graduate BIOENGR grade-only courses as GrdTyp LG (normal grading policies).
  • The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering faculty have voted to:
    1) allow S/U OPTION grading for all regular letter grade 200-level classes
    (not including classes such as 297/298 that are regularly S/U).
    2) there is no course or unit limit
  • The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has voted
    to keep the graduate C&EE grade-only courses as GrdTyp LG (normal grading policies).
  • The Computer Science Department has voted to:
    1) Allow the S/U grading option for all 200-level computer science
    classes for and allow degree requirements to be
    satisfied with earned S.
    2) Allow graduate students to take at most one class S/U .
  • Engineering MSOL (Masters of Engineering, Online program)
    1) Allo 200 level ENGR courses the S/U option
    2) Limited to two (2) S/U courses for the quarter
  • The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has voted to
    keep the EC ENGR grade only courses as GrdTyp LG (normal grading policies).
  • The Department of Materials Engineering faculty has voted to
    1) allow S/U option for graduate courses
    2) The department did not set a limit for its students on how many classes can be S/U
  • The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering faculty have voted to
    1) to allow the S/U option on all regular-letter MECH&AE graduate courses
    2)  the MAE Department faculty have voted to allow graduate students to take up to one regular-letter class as S/U.
    Graduate Students in the MAE Department may take no more than one grade-optional course using S/U grading.

If a student is repeating a course that was initially taken for a letter grade, the student must repeat the course on letter grade basis as is detailed in the UCLA catalog.
Students not in good academic standing* should consult with their graduate student affair officer if considering this S/U option.
**good academic standing means that a student earned a B (3.0) average for the most recent completed term and a cumulative B (3.0) average in all University work. 

Keep in mind to earn an S grade the student’s grade in the course needs to be a B or higher.

Graduates that take a P/NP undergraduate-level course will receive a S/U grade basis.  Grading is student-driven, not course-driven (unless it’s mandatory).  Even if the course is mandatory P/NP, a graduate student will be converted to a S/U grade basis.