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Commencement (Home Page)

[Information contained at this site may be subject to change]


UCLA Engineering Commencement 2015
Saturday, June 13th 
Location and time *TBA*

New Pauley Commencement


 Commencement Day Program

Tickets for degree candidates and guests will be required and limited.  There is no charge for the tickets at this time.  Ticket ordering will be conducted on-line through MyUCLA during the Spring Quarter and it is imperative that students use the on-line system to: (a) register their intention to participate in the HSSEAS Commencement Ceremony; and (b) order guest tickets.  Please use the Quick Reference below to learn specifics related to the engineering commencement.

Quick reference guide, including ticketing links:



Welcome Parents, Families and Friends - for details on what to expect when arriving on campus - click here
Specific to the HSSEAS Commencement Ceremony all guests will need a ticket to gain entrance into the venue.  Children who will be needing a seat must have a ticket. Otherwise, no ticket needed if
the child will be seating on someone's lap.  Please also make sure you read information about 

Commencement invitations and information will be sent out electronically to graduating students in late April/early May via email to student's official email address on record with the Registrar's Office. To ensure you receive an invitation and other commencement related information, please confirm your eligibility here AND make sure you are checking spam filters.   Make sure you pay attention to notices coming from and the domain:


Coming to Campus and Parking

Parking for the HSSEAS Commencement will be available in parking structures 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Valid (not expired) student, faculty and staff permits will be valid on Commencement Day. There is a $12.00 fee (subject to change) per vehicle for those who do not have a student, faculty or staff parking permit. Students can also use MyUCLA to buy pre-paid parking permits for their guests when placing orders for tickets to the Commencement ceremony. The fees for pre-paid parking permits are assessed when permits are ordered  and are automatically billed through your BAR statement. No refunds are possible. Students are charged for parking permits whether or not they are picked up.


If you are inviting a guest who needs special assistance to attend Commencement, please refer to Disability Access at UCLA here.

You may also contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at A255 Murphy Hall to ask your questions or for further information. Sign language interpreters for students are available upon request with two weeks advance notice.

Degree Candidates needing special assistance should also contact and outline their needs so we can determine how to assist.

What items can I bring to the ceremony?

Graduates and candidates are welcome to bring a small bag or purse,  hand held camera, but 
no backpacks or large items into the venue.  Please carefully read campus safety and security guidelines.

Engineering encourages you to limit items and keep them small enough to be held in pockets. Keep in mind there is no storage location at the event and items are commonly left behind or lost in the excitement. 

Commencement is filled with excitement and tradition. It is a special time for you to share your achievements with your family and friends and with University faculty and administrators.
So that all present may safely enjoy and fondly remember your Commencement, we remind you

NO alcoholic or carbonated beverages, bottles/ cans/coolers of any kind, balloons/inflatable items (i.e. beach balls), spray cans or any item to be thrown/tossed or that may distract from the ceremony, be brought to the venue. Staff has been advised to remove such items from you. In order to ensure your safety and the safety of others, any individual whose behavior becomes potentially harmful or interferes with the Ceremony may be required to leave the ceremony so please be safe.

Guests, for your safety and comfort as well as the safety and comfort of other guests, UCLA does not allow the following items in the venue:  

  • Signs or banners
  • Umbrellas
  • Strollers
  • Tripods
  • Noisemakers
  •  We suggest you leave these items at home or in your car, a “stroller check” will be located at the main entrance to the stadium for your convenience.

    For more details refer to

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


    The 2013-2014 Commencement printed program will list the names of the following undergraduate and graduate engineering students:

    Summer 2013 degrees conferred
    Fall 2013 degrees conferred
    Winter 2014 degrees conferred
    Spring 2014 degree candidates*

    *Spring 2014 degree candidates, in order to get your name in the program AND be activated for commencement ticketing, please follow steps outlined under eligibility.

    Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 students are NOT listed in the 2013-2014 printed program.  These students are part of the next academic year, 2014-2015.  However, these students may be eligible to participate ("walk") in the ceremony.  If you are interested in "walking" with the current class, please follow the Special Request instructions outlined under eligibility.

    Other *VERY* important items related to the printed program:

    • The name listing will be your official name on file with the University Registrar's Office.  Please check your name!!  If your name has changed or is misspelled, file a name change form at the Registrar’s Office no later than Monday, May 5th to ensure we get updated records on time.  
    • If your name listing is correct, but you have a formatting issue, such as "Mcalexander" should be "McAlexander" or "Oleary" should be "O'Leary" then please contact us.

    • Review your privacy restrictions to be certain that we may print your name in the Commencement printed program publication.  

    E-mail authorization to print your name in the program is required if you have a Privacy Release restriction.  A privacy release code that you have entered with the University will affect availability of graduation information. If you requested Code N (No Public Information), your name will NOT appear on the HSSEAS Commencement Program unless you submit an e-mail authorization to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA).

    Submit your e-mail authorization to:

    and include the below information:

    UCLA UID# (no dashes please! ex: 100200300): 
    First Name (official name):
    Last Name (official name):
    Degree Term (ex: Sp14):
    Degree Type: (B.S., M.S., or Ph.D.):
    MESSAGE: YES, I authorize OASA to publish my name in the HSSEAS printed program.

    Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 candidates who are approved to take part in the ceremony (see section Who is Eligible?) will not be listed in the printed 2013-2014 program; however, their NAMES WILL BE ANNOUNCED during the ceremony as you cross the stage.  Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 degree recipient names will be listed the following year's 2014-2015 printed program (unless they have a privacy restriction! Students may contact the HSSEAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs in June 2015 for a copy of that year's Commencement Program.)


    For Hotel  information go to Hotel and on campus Dining  and Restaurant Information.


    It is not possible to process final grades and prepare degree lists for our Spring 2014 graduates in time to present diplomas at Commencement. Diplomas will be available three to four months after the degree award date. The Registrar's Office will send you information about obtaining your diploma in person (no fee) or by mail (with fee) approximately seven weeks after the end of your final term. Consequently, you should notify the Registrar at 1113 Murphy Hall if there is any change in address after you graduate. You may also change your mailing address directly through URSA ( For up-to-date diploma availability information, call the Diploma Hotline at (310)825-8883.


    VISA LETTER REQUEST- I need to obtain a letter for visa purposes in order to invite family to the Commencement Ceremony, what do I need to do?

    Students who need to obtain visa letters to invite family members to Commencement should begin with the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars (DCISS).

    DCISS will be requiring confirmation of degree completion from your School/department as part of the visa letter process.  Therefore, prior to contacting DCISS, degree candidates should follow important degree audit information outlined below so you do not delay the Visa Letter process:

    • For undergraduate B.S. degree candidates, please make sure you follow the degree audit process.  Otherwise, there will be a delay in getting approval signature from your department.
    • For graduate students (M.S., PhD) degree candidates please notify your engineering department academic student affairs officer of your degree completion term.  Otherwise, there will be a delay in getting approval signature from your department.
    • If you are a Summer 2015 or Fall 2015 degree candidate, please make sure you also file a Special Request Form (available Spring 2015) to participate in the Ceremony.   Otherwise, there will be a delay in getting approval signature from your department.



    Other Questions

    Questions about the ceremony not covered here can be directed to


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