MAE Course Term Offerings


 *Subject to Change*

2017-2018 yearly schedule posted on 06/6/2017

Subsequent updates to individual courses are noted next to the course

ATTENTION:  The MECH&AE Department ENFORCES all requisites for their courses through MyUCLA enrollment.  This means you MUST complete the requisite BEFORE being allowed to enroll in a course.  You are advised to plan out your schedule carefully. Please refer to the Class Planning Tips link for more information. 

MAE 1 – Fall (new course)

MAE 15 – not offered 2017-2018

MAE M20 – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 82 (formerly 182A) – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 94 – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 101 (formerly 96) – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 102 – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 103 – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 105A – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 105D- Fall, Winter

MAE 107 – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 131A- Fall

MAE C132A – not offered 2017-2018

MAE 133A- Winter, Spring

MAE 135 – Fall (added on 6/6/17)

MAE 136 -Spring
MAE C137 – Fall cancelled (moved to Spring on 6/26/17)
MAE CM140 – Winter
MAE CM141 – not offered 2017-2018
MAE 150A – Fall, Winter
MAE 150B – Spring
MAE 150C –not offered 2017-2018
MAE C150G – Spring cancelled (updated 12/7/17)
MAE C150P – Fall
MAE C150R – Spring
MAE 153A –not offered 2017-2018
MAE 154A – Winter

MAE 154B – Spring

MAE 154S – Fall

MAE 155 – Spring (update 8/8/17)

MAE 156A – Fall, Winter, Spring (updated 9/29/17)

MAE C156B – SpringMAE 157 – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 157A – Spring

MAE 157S – not offered 2016-2017 (Aerospace Engineering are now required to take MAE 157 effective Fall 2016)

MAE 161A – Fall

MAE 161B – Winter

MAE 161C – Spring

MAE 161D – not offered 2017-2018

MAE 162A – Fall, Spring

MAE 162D – Winter

MAE 162E – Spring

MAE 166A – Fall

MAE 166C – Winter

MAE M168 – Spring (updated 6/27/17)

MAE 169A – Fall

MAE 171A – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE 171B – Spring

MAE 172 – not offered 2017-2018

MAE 174 – Fall

MAE C175A – Fall

MAE 181A – Winter

MAE 182B – Winter

MAE 182C – Fall

MAE 183A (formerly 183) – Fall, Winter, Spring

MAE M183B – Fall, Spring

MAE C183C – Winter

MAE 184 –not offered 2017-2018

MAE 185 – Spring Cancelled(updated 12/7/17)

MAE C186 – Fall

MAE C187L – Spring

EE 100- (see EE schedule)

MAT SCI 104- (see MAT SCI schedule)


Students who begin upper division course work (100-199) are *HIGHLY* encouraged to plan out their remaining courses based on requisites and term offerings.  Please refer to the Class Planning Tips link for more information.


Students are also encouraged to pick up the latest HSSEAS Announcement every Fall quarter (October) at 6426 Boelter Hall.  The announcement will contain requisite information, term offerings, and approved electives list for the AE and ME majors.