Computer Science Important Curriculum Updates

(Updated 7/10/17)  The CS Department reviews their curriculum based on student and faculty feedback and may choose to make changes.  Only newly admitted students to the CS or CSE majors will be held to the new catalogs.  Continuing students will not be affected UNLESS they request to change to the new requirements.

Please review Summary of catalog changes to compare help you decide if you want to change to the newest one (

Other enrollment/policy/course updates:

Effective Winter 2016, CS 181 and CS 130 will switch to Waitlist only enrollment.  This will allow the department to give priority to graduating seniors if demand exceeds availability.  (If you are a graduating senior, in order to be considered for priority, you MUST have completed STEP 1.  In the Spring Quarter, if you are a Spring Degree Candidate, you must also have completed STEP 1-3)

If demand does not exceed available space, then everyone on the waitlist will most likely be enrolled.  Students interested in the course, should secure a spot on the waitlist for the best chance of enrollment.  If all wait list spots become full, then utilize the Enrollment Consideration Request (ECR).  Again, graduating seniors will be prioritized from the ECR.

Effective Fall 2014, Upper Division CS Requisites have been updated. First to reduce redundancy in the requisites (Example – old – CS 111 requires CS 31, 32, 33, 35L. new – CS 111 requires CS 33, 35L.  The requisites look different but they are not.  You can’t get to CS 33 without credit for CS 32 and you can’t get to CS 32 without credit for CS 31.
31 and 32 are already built in.  We did this for all courses with similar redundancies.

Secondly, CS 180 and 111 have been added to upper division courses

  • CS 112, 130, and 143 will now require CS 111
  • CS 161, 170A, and 181 will now require CS 180.

It is HIGHLY recommended that CS/CSE majors take CS 111 and 180 as early as possible as they start taking upper division courses to avoid delays to graduation.  The effected courses will be formatted to assume knowledge of 111 or 180 respectively.

(6/19/14) Effective Fall 2014 , EE 10 and 110 will each have one-unit co-requisite labs which are 11L and 111L, respectively.

  1. Students who have not yet taken EE 10 or 110 should enroll in 10 with 11L and 110 with 111L instead of taking 110L.
  2. Students who have already completed EE 10, the department recommends that you take 11L in Fall and then 110 and 111L in Winter.
  3. Students who have already completed both EE 10 and 110 by Fall 2014 are advised to take 110L.

(6/19/14)  EE 103 has been renumbered to EE 133A and now requires EE 131A and EE 102.  If you have credit for STATS 100A or C&EE 110 or Math 170A, please send this information to the EE advisors in order to be enrolled.