Exceptional Student Admissions Program

Exceptional Student Admission (ESAP) Program


*Subject to change*

The Exceptional Student Admission Program (ESAP), recognizes recognizes outstanding SEAS undergraduates who wish to enter the SEAS M.S. graduate program upon completion of the B.S. degree. ESAP admitted students are genuine graduate students who are eligible for graduate fellowships and Teaching Assistant positions. ESAP audits are normally run 4th/5th week of the F, W, Sp terms and in  late July to assure all grades for the previous term are posted and calculated into the GPAs)

To be eligible you must have:

  1. an overall cumulative UC GPA of at least 3.500 and
  2. a major field upper division GPA of at least 3.500 and
  3. have a valid degree term declared on myUCLA and
  4. no more than 36 units remaining to be completed for the B.S. degree (including the present term’s units)  and
  5. be an active student when the audit is run (e.g. not be a graduated student or not registered) – you must meet the GPA requirements at minimum 1 quarter before your degree completion and
  6. have read the following degree audit information and
  7. have met with your Academic Counselor at 6426BH to review your DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) report after having declared your technical breadth area and major options on MyEngineering http://my.engineering.ucla.edu (If you are  following a catalog year prior to 2005-2006, make an appointment instead to complete the Academic Program Planner with your  Academic Counselor at 6426BH.)
  8. have received an email notice from the HSSEAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs. DO NOT assume you are an ESAP student if you have not received the ESAP notice. If student has 36 units or less to degree completion and meets ALL the criteria above and has NOT received an email ESAP notification, it is the student’s responsibility to make an inquiry by emailing with the following information:

8a. Name

8b. UCLA ID#

8c. Expected Degree Completion term

8d. Major

8e. Courses that you still need to complete for degree completion
(including present term)

Students who meet these conditions will receive an email notice informing them of their eligibility.To maintain your eligibility you must maintain the specified GPAs and complete your B.S. degree.Admission is guaranteed to the graduate program in the department* in which you earned your B.S. degree, for the time period specified in the ESAP letter, however, is subject to your meeting the posted deadlines for filing the graduate admissions application.

If you expect to become ESAP eligible AFTER the posted graduate admissions deadline, it is advised you complete the graduate application and ALL supplemental materials that are required for NON-ESAP students.

*since the new computer engineering major, effective F17, is jointly administered by the Computer Science Department and by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (formerly the Electrical Engineering Department), ESAP students in that major have the option to apply to either department’s
graduate program.

For Non-Electrical Engineering  ESAP students

For non-Electrical Engineering ESAP students, this guarantee of admission is valid for three academic quarters after you earn your undergraduate degree, the formal application may be filed within this
time frame. Students should discuss with their department’s graduate Student Affairs Officers (see contact information below) the scheduling of courses to find out which quarter is most beneficial for them and additionally if the quarter in which you intend to enroll may have a significant impact upon the availability of financial aid.

ESAP students are not required to take the GRE. However, GRE scores may be required for students who want to be considered for departmental
financial support or for other departmental purposes. Check directly with your department. If you are ESAP and do not take the GRE nor intend to, on the online application you should be able to enter “0”s for the date that you plan to take the GRE.

ESAP students are required to submit the names and email addresses of two references who are professors in their department. The recommendations are for purposes of determining the appropriate area of study; as a graduate student. The system will email your
recommenders and ask them to submit their references electronically (you are advised to inform your professors that they have been listed on
your graduate application as references and that you confirm their email addresses).

On the 3rd recommender line of the supplemental application which you will be prompted to complete during the admissions application process,
to flag your ESAP status for the 3rd reference you should be able to
enter: first = “esap”   last = “esap”   email = either the applicant’s own email address, or     type = Graduate Division Recommendation .

Merit based financial support is at the discretion of the department, but has no bearing upon admission itself. For financial aid information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

For Electrical Engineering  ESAP students

Because the Electrical Engineering Department’s M.S. program consists of all graduate courses that are sequenced, Electrical Engineering ESAP students must apply for the Fall quarter that immediately follows their B.S. degree completion.

Electrical Engineering ESAP applicants who wish to be considered for departmental funding are required to submit 3 letters of recommendation and GRE scores. ESAP applicants who do not wish to be considered for funding may forgo submitting GRE scores and are required to only
submit 2 letters of recommendation.  For the 3rd recommender in the application,  the text should be .  They should put the first and last name of the recommender as ESAP / ESAP.
The recommendation type selected should be Electrical Engineering.

Check directly with your department.if you have further questions.


All ESAP Students

ESAP students must complete the regular graduate admissions application form and must meet the posted application deadlines. ESAP students should not delay submitting their applications and supporting materials whether or not they have received their ESAP letters.

There is an application fee, and applicants must provide the department with copies of their transcripts (unofficial UCLA transcripts are sufficient).

Departments are notified of the new ESAP students, but when students talk to the departments they should identify themselves as ESAP students.

Graduate Student Affairs Officers


Contact Room Email Phone
Bioengineering Stacey Fong
Anne-Marie Wright
 5121F ENGR V
5121M ENGR V
awright@seas.ucla.edu (310)824-5072
Chemical &
Alain DeVera
Miguel Perez
5531 BH



Civil &
Jesse Dieker 5732A  Boelter Hall (310)825-1851
Joseph Brown
4403 BH jbrown@cs.ucla.edu (310)825-6830

Ryo Arreola

Julio Vega

Deeona Columbia

 57-127 Engr. IV




Science &

Lili Bulhoes

Patti Barrera


3111 Engr V

3121L Engr V



Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Abel Lebon

Annie Lee

Engr. IV46-127K




Master of
Science in
Online Program
Shanna Revoner 7440 BH (310)825-6505

For any additional questions or problems please contact Jan LaBuda, 6426 BH, .

To file the graduate admissions application on-line, start here.


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