Electrical Engineering Worksheets


How to check your degree progress…

NOTE: Your Catalog year is the year you were admitted to your current major.  For some of you, that is your first year at UCLA.  If you changed your major to EE, then your catalog year may NOT be your first year at UCLA, but the year that you changed your major.

This is your check list of courses you must complete and/or have credit for to satisfy your major degree requirements.  No course may satisfy 2 requirements on this list.







Using these worksheets:

  1. Print out a worksheet.  Make sure you are using the correct one for your Catalog year.
  2. Please use with DARSRun a new Audit and cross out all the courses you have completed on your worksheet.
  3. See how many and which courses you have left.  Then use the Proposed courses pdf to plan out your schedule.
    1. Finish your lower division requirements first.
    2. Take Ethics in your 2nd year.
    3. Make sure you to plan courses in the correct requisite order.
  4. If you need assistance with your schedule, or balancing your courseload, please schedule an appointment with an EE counselor by calling 310-825-9580 and bring in your plan.


When planning a schedule using the above worksheets and websites,
you’ll need to refer to your catalog year Announcement to determine
degree requirements and elective options. HOWEVER, you’ll need to
refer to the most recent catalog Announcement (for the current year) and
the “Tentative 2015-16 course offerings by term” link below to view current term offerings for courses.
  DO NOT refer to the Registrar’s tentative schedule (since that is just a copy of what was offered the previous year).