Computer Science Worksheets

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Your worksheet is your check list of courses you must complete and/or have credit for to satisfy your major degree requirements.  Cross everything off on this list and you have completed your degree requirements!  No course may satisfy 2 requirements on this list.


NOTE: Your Catalog year is the year you were admitted to your current major.  For some of you, that is your first year at UCLA.  If you changed your major to CS or to CSE, then your catalog year may NOT be your first year at UCLA, but the year that you changed your major.  This includes any changes from CSE to CS or CS to CSE.  The Academic year is Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

Please note that some catalog requirements add up to <180 units.  You must have completed 180 units (including all transfer credit) to be eligible to graduate.  You may need to take additional courses to meet 180 units.

The CS Department reviews their curriculum based on student and faculty feedback and may choose to make changes.  Only newly admitted students to the CS or CSE majors will be held to the new catalogs.  Continuing students will not be affected UNLESS they request to change to the new requirements.

Please review Summary of catalog changes to compare help you decide if you want to change to the newest one (





Using these worksheets for course planning and tracking degree progress: (click for pdf version)

When planning a schedule using the above worksheets and websites, you’ll need to refer to your catalog year Announcement to determine degree requirements and elective options. HOWEVER, you’ll need to refer to the most recent catalog Announcement (for the current year) and the “Tentative course offerings” link to view current term offerings for courses.