FAQ for students interested in pursuing the Bioinformatics Minor.

The first place you should start is reading about the field at the Bioinformatics at UCLA website.  This will have current research opportunities, but don’t use the minor requirements listed as they do not follow the most recent catalog.  Use the worksheet posted below, or the most recent UCLA online Catalog:

Here is a flowchart of requisites: Bioinformatics Course Requisite Tree

Updated 4/12/17 **Here is the worksheet of required courses:

Bioinformatics worksheet (2013-2014 and later)**

Then read through this FAQ!


What is the preparation for the minor?

1) CS 32 or Pic 10C

2) LS 3 and 23L (or LS 7A by petition, see below)

3) Math 33A


What about the Life Science 7 Series?

At this time, we will be accepting petitions for LS 7A for LS 3 & 23L.  You may also petition to waive LS 23L if you do not need the units to the requirement of 20 units being unique and counting to the minor only.

Petition form may be found here: or you may pick up a form from 6426 Boetler Hall where you will also submit the completed petition.


When can I add the minor?

Any student in any major at UCLA may add a Bioinformatics minor once they have completed the minimum eligibility (2 of the 3 preparation requirements with C’s or better).  Letters and Science students with 150 units or more must meet with College Academic Counseling in Murphy Hall first.


How do I add the minor?

Turn in the Undergraduate Program Change petition

and attach a short statement about why you want to add the minor.  Turn it in to Boelter Hall 6426.  If you are turning it in during week 6 & 7 please notify the front desk that it is a Bioinformatics request.  Otherwise your petition may get put with our other change of major requests for processing and it will delay processing.


When are the minor courses offered?

CS proposed offerings

Math proposed offerings

EE proposed offerings

For other department courses, you will need to check with that home department.


Can I meet with a Counselor?

Yes.  We have drop in hours on Wednesday mornings from 9-11:30am and Thursday afternoons from 1-4pm.  You can also contact us via myUCLA Message Center.


How do I enroll in an Engineering course?

If you are a declared minor, you should be within the restrictions and able to add your required courses.  If you are having issues enrolling, please contact us via myUCLA Message Center.

If you have not actually processed the paperwork to add the minor yet you will not be able to add yourself.

Historically we’ve been able to accommodate all bioinformatics requests.

How do I enroll in one of my required courses when it is listed as CLOSED with an Enrollment of 0/0?

It is pretty common to see a closed section with no enrollment or very low enrollment like 5 seats, check to see if it is an “M” course, e.g. Com Sci CM122, which is the same course as CHEM CM160B.  The M indicates that the course is listed in multiple departments.  Go to the course info to see what other departments off the course (it may be numbered differently) and check the seats.  It doesn’t matter if you enroll in Computer Science or Chemistry in this example.  It is the same course with the same credit.  Enroll where there is room.


How do I track my requirements?

Use the worksheet linked at the top of this page to track your requirements.


My DPR is not reflecting the course I took, how do I fix that? (Only applicable to students admitted prior to Fall 2012)

Don’t use the DPR to look at your Bioinformatics requirements.  It does not pick up credit correctly and may not be checking cross listed courses.  Unfortunately, the only way to track is manually with a worksheet.

If you were admitted in Fall 2012 or later, you can use your Degree Audit Report or DARS.  If you see something applying incorrectly, please send a message to us via myUCLA Message Center.


If I take LS30A & 30B, can I enroll in Math 33A?

The requisite for Math 33A is Math 3B, 31A or 32A with a grade of C- or better.  While you may technically be able to enroll in the course it is NOT recommended as the course content is not equivalent.


MyUCLA is telling me I don’t meet the requisites, what do I do?

The system has trouble reading transfer or substitution credit.  Just follow the instructions here to be enrolled:  and indicate that this is for Bioinformatics.  During peak enrollment, we are getting dozens of enrollment requests, it helps to know.



Didn’t find what you were looking for?  Contact the CS counselors on myUCLA Message Center