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When to submit an ECR?

  • If a course is full, and you still want to take it this quarter, then please submit an ECR.  Please do this AS SOON AS that course and waitlist is full.

  • If a course is open and you can not enroll because of an enrollment restriction, such as major or level,  please wait to try again during 2nd pass.  If you are still restricted in 2nd pass, please submit an ECR.

  • IT IS IMPORTANT TO SUBMIT AN ECR EARLY, Most counselors pull the ECR data and analyze need for the department after 2nd pass has been active for every student for at least 2 weeks.  If you are using the ECR after that, you are at a disadvantage as many departments have already acted on the ECR data or are currently finalizing any enrollment changes.  You want to be in that initial count and search for space.


STUDENTS WHO USE THE ECR HAVE A SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGE OVER STUDENTS WHO DON’T.  Not every request is met, but a large number of students are accommodated who otherwise would not have gotten into a course they requested. Bottom line: If you DON’T use the ECR, enrollment opportunities will not change.  You have to submit the form for us to help you.  If you DO submit an ECR, the departments are notified that there is more demand for their course and they work to increase enrollment opportunities for their students.  It takes literally 1 minute per class (you CAN submit ECRs for multiples courses), and you can even submit an ECR for courses outside HSSEAS that are required for your major like STATS, or Physics labs, etc.  We submit these requests to those departments and work directly with them to try and get HSSEAS students enrolled.



  • YOU ONLY NEED TO SUBMIT AN ECR ONCE PER CLASS.  Once you do this, you are forever on the list for that course.  Multiple submissions do not increase your chances.
  • SUBMITTING AN ECR IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF ENROLLMENT.  We do everything we can to meet demand, but sometimes it is not possible to get all the factors to come together to make an increase.  You will be notified.
  • ENROLL IN A BACK UP COURSE.  You must still be enrolled in at least 12 units.
  • HAVE ROOM IN YOUR SCHEDULE FOR US TO FULFILL YOUR REQUEST.  This happens ALL THE TIME.  If you are waiting for the outcome of the ECR, please make sure to have ROOM for us to add you if we can.  We can not override the unit maximum limits.  You should have filled out an excess unit petition, or you should have room in your schedule for us to add a 4 or 5 unit course.  We will enroll students who have space in their schedules first.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO UPDATES.  If you are waiting for the outcome of the ECR, you should be reading every email.  Sometimes we will send out special instructions, query for more information, or give the ECR students the advantage of knowing exactly when we are opening new seats on myUCLA for a class they’ve requested.  We operate on the assumption that if you submitted an ECR, you want this class over other courses you may currently be enrolled in.  If we manually enroll you, you will be notified, and are then responsible for resolving any course conflicts, or dropping courses you no longer want, etc, by the deadlines.  (If you don’t already have alerts for those deadlines programmed into some sort notification mechanism, again, you are at a disadvantage to a student who has done so:
  •  INPUT YOUR INFORMATION ACCURATELY!!  So many emails are not complete (student@ucla), or misspelled.  Or we try to enroll a student and the UID does not exist.  We don’t always have time to go back and look up the correct information.  And a student who has taken the time to input their information accurately, will be enrolled quicker and will be getting notifications about course updates.
  •  WE DO CHECK REQUISITES. The ECR is not a way to get into a course if you don’t meet the requisites.  You’ll only get an email telling you we are unable to consider you for enrollment because you are missing requisites.